Mobile First

Never Miss An Opportunity

Get a jump on your competition – Traffic 360 Mobile puts the power of your database in the palm of your hand. Never wait to enter a customer or respond to a lead again. Our native app improves the sales experience with features that make delays in customer engagement a thing of the past.

Cloud Email

Employees are no longer tied to their desk to correspond with customers, now salespeople and managers can follow-up from anywhere with email that is mirrored in the full desktop application.


Inventory listing data from our native mobile app allows users to see a live view of the stores inventory. View or add photos of vehicles and use filters to aid in finding the right model for your customer. 


Speed along customer entry with security and accuracy using your mobile device to scan driver licenses. Get a digital copy of the drivers license before a test drive without having to take the customer inside. Scan stocked unit or trade in VIN’s right into the customers record.

Stop The Clock

Round robin lead distribution with notifications speeds up customer engagement by finding a salesperson who is ready to answer inquiries. Respond and stop the clock on leads with Traffic 360’s OEM Integrations.  


Use Traffic 360s texting to communicate with internet leads or ups while complying with privacy laws. Messages are mirrored in the desktop application and managers can answer messages when employees are  unavailable.

Get a jump on your competition – With Mobile First technology

Every dealer and every customer knows the sales process: They drive on the lot and immediately are defensive to avoid getting put down the funnel, going inside, answering questions, formulating a budget, working the numbers, getting approved, hoping the customer stays in-house to complete the process.

What if you could avoid the stress for the customer and work up 80% of your sales process right on the lot? With Traffic Control’s mobile app – your sales rep can greet the customer on the lot, provide available inventory information, look up pricing, and enter the UP all before trying to “get the customer in the store”. They can also scan their driver’s license and scan the VIN on the vehicle of their choice and go for a test drive – right from the lot. That information gets saved into the UP in the CRM, and your sales person is in the car busy selling the vehicle. If the car they drove up in is the trade, a quick scan and push to the sales manager allows those figures to start getting worked and a soft credit pull can be conducted simultaneously.

By the time the customer is back from their test drive, the manager can push the numbers to the customer records, notifying the sales rep with an offer of a monthly payment for that customer, on that vehicle, with that trade in. You literally bypass the stress and anxiety of the well-known sales process that customers dread getting caught up in. By the time the customer walks through the doors of your dealership, they are literally ready to sign paperwork and start the finance process. How many of your competitors can offer such a stress-free sales process?