Email: Vehicle Followup
For: The Up’s Owner
1 Day(s) after: Test Drive

Traffic 360’s AutoMotor™

Fully customizable event driven followup scheduling task system.

Let’s Work Together

Your dealership shouldn’t be expected to fit into a mold developed a decade ago. Modern followup processes have changed and will continue to evolve. With Traffic 360 your salesperople will be provided with the tasks that you want them to do on your own timetable. Adapting your sales process at any time is just a click away.

Get Personal

Automated emails do not answer customers’ important questions. Worse, they do not refer to the information the lead submitted, making them unhelpful for moving the buying process forward. Traffic 360 automates response scheduling but enables your salesperson to put a personal touch into each response to ensure that the customer feels valued.

Don’t Overwhelm Them

If you want to make the sale, then make the sales process as easy as possible on your leads. Traffic 360’s recurring tasks wait until your employee completes a task before scheduling the next iteration in your followup process. If a salesperson gets behind they won’t need to contact a customer multiple times the same day to complete their followup. 

Measuring Success

The white elephant in the room is always “Is my team being productive, and how do I know?” Traffic 360 makes it easy to see how well your salespeople are performing their followup by viewing the ToDo list for the entire dealership on one screen. Notable features include OEM disposition updates, manual task scheduling, employee followup reassignment,  and full visibility of the buying process by BDC personnel.

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