A breakthrough modern CRM approach from Traffic Control

Built from the ground up to streamiline todays digital retail sales experience.

Full Featured, All Inclusive.

Our offering includes all of the comprehensive features you’ve come to expect from a front end sales system. DMS, OEM and third party integrations, desking, email, texting, reporting, followup automation, mobile apps, unlimited forms, document management, one-on-one training and more.

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With our Cloud Based software system using the latest technologies available, designed by dealers for dealers. A long standing and full featured affordable platform that doesnt cost and arm and a leg is possible and we can’t wait to prove it to you.

For dealers, by dealers

We know it sounds cliche’, but it really is true. We’ve been in the CRM business since the 90’s so we know exactly what’s missing from the other systems out there. We dealt with it for years and finally decided to put together the best platform available. We are more than proud to introduce Traffic 360. It’s made us better, and it can do the same for you.

Built for the
Digital Retail Era

Traffic360 by Traffic Control is a a modern CRM & ILM tool
designed for ease of use that will fit every dealerships budget.
We’ve worked directly with high volume sales staff and BDC
centers to design a system that helps them make more sales
without the hassle our customers competitors endure.

Why Choose Us?

Our total software package integrates your front end sales system into a single, low cost, easy to use, contract-free package. We’re exactly what your dealership needs in order to streamline business, get your team under control and increase profit.


Our Desking platform was originally designed for and interfaced with a major DMS system when we were branded as a part of one in the past. A staple of their processess before we branched out on our own, it’s calculations consider all of the variables, including your service department costs, and was designed “to the penny” accurate with your fianance office. No longer will you have to pad deals to keep your bottom line safe!

Employee Management

The white elephant in the room is always “Is my team being productive, and how do I know?” It’s not that your people don’t want to work, they are just not tasked. We give them a destination but hardly any directions to get there. With us, your employees come to work and get work done! They have a task list, a personal calendar, and communications view with a constantly-updating list of their current opportunities, as well as a deep view of their customers – all viewable by management.

Data Management

We built our new system using Microsofts Azure platform. It was far from the cheapest route but is significantly more secure, robust, and scalable for large groups than trying to do it in-house or on premises and better overall for our dealers in every way. Powerful data analysis tools leverage your existing data on the first day providing you with rich opportunities that drive sales.

Easy to use

We have put a considerable effort into a salespersons ease of use with our platform because if your team isn’t using it whats the point?  Your dealership won’t see the returns on  your investment that you expect with a software system if salespeople don’t like using it. We made it simple and easy for them to help themselves achieve their goals day to day without much fuss or endless training necessary to get ther jobs done.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Traffic 360 gives your salespeople a comprehensive dashboard with an easy to navigate view of recent customer communications so your team knows right away who they need to connect with every time they log in. With our included mobile app its even easier for them to keep in touch.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Our Mobile App puts the power of your dealership in the palm of your hand.
Download our mobile app for Apple iOS or Android for the ability to create UPs, reply to texts and emails, assign leads, and view inventory from anywhere. Mobile driver’s license and VIN scanning makes working on the go even easier.

"I love how easy I can set custom followup actions for my sales team using the Automotor feature in Traffic Control"

– Steve Mack, Les Mack Ford

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